We are an independent catering company based in Oakville, Ontario. We have an absolute passion for creating great food, customized for you and your events by using amazing ingredients.

We are firm believers that complex isn't always better and keeping it simple usually generates the best results. In keeping with this principle, we want to only focus on items that we are 100% confident in delivering the absolute best to you.

Our love of food stems from having grown up in households where meals, no matter how big or small, were always shared with loved ones. This love affair has translated into us wanting to share our love of food with anyone and everyone we possibly can!

These days our focus is strictly baked goods. It is our intention to further expand our menu and we promise to keep you posted on anything new coming out of our kitchen. Stay tuned for what's next!

Welcome to our kitchen. We're so glad that you're here and look forward to building a menu that meets your event's unique needs!