Meet the Team

Tamara Dhue, Owner & Lead Caterer

Tamara is the Owner and Lead Caterer at Be Delicious Catering. She has loved spending time in any kitchen since she was able to reach counter height (with or without the help of a kitchen stool). It all started with baking cookies and treats and has taken off from there!

Tamara earned her B.A. in French Language & Literature at York University's Glendon College and then moved on to tackle her diploma in Special Events Planning from George Brown College. During her time at George Brown, she learned very quickly that catering was where she was meant to be as it combined her love of anal-retentive list making and spending time in the kitchen!  Following her graduation from college, she decided to start putting together the foundation for what would one day become Be Delicious Catering! En route to Be Delicious-dom, Tamara founded the Novice Goddess Kitchen Blog as a means of showcasing her culinary adventures. After 2 successful years of blogging, Tamara put the blog on hold to pursue what would one day become Be Delicious Catering!

Culinary inspiration come from many different sources for our Queen Bee, be it through her love of devouring food blogs on a regular basis, visiting local farms and farmers' markets to chat up the local producers, or exploring different cultures' culinary offerings. Our gal continues to try to expand her culinary pallet and is always on the hunt for something new to munch on.

While Tamara has an absolute love of both cooking and baking, when it comes to her favourite fare to offer both her customers and family, it's always been little things. Whether appetizers, baked goods or tapas, this girl is all about little bites.

Here are some tidbits about Tamara:

  • Siblings - "2 younger brothers who are the loves of my life!"
  • Favourite colour - "Pink!"
  • Astrological Sign - "Aries"
  • Last Meal on Earth will be - "My Mum's chicken caesar salad, my grandma's chicken in wine sauce, with a side order of my Baba's tomato soup and pistachio macarons for dessert."
  • Favourite Movie to watch over and over again -  "Without a doubt 'Julie and Julia' is watched at least once a month in my apartment. 'Twister' is also another favourite! 'Mary Poppins' and 'The Bodyguard' will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart!" 

If you would like to ask Tamara any questions, she can be reached at