Back in the kitchen and we couldn't be happier!!!

After more than a 2 year hiatus from the world of blogging, I am absolutely ecstatic to be back in the saddle and writing again. Blogging truly became an additional means of therapy for me beyond spending time in the kitchen. It allowed me the privilege to let you in on some of the insider adventures that were going on in my kitchen, in my recipe endeavours or just things going on in my life.

It has always surprised me when I am catching up with friends and they mention my old blog, The Novice Goddess Kitchen. It blows me away even more so when I hear a) how many of them were actually reading what I thought was mundane dribble and b) how many of them wondered why I stopped. The Novice Goddess Kitchen was my first adventure in blogging and it was a bit of an addiction to say the least. I loved writing posts and enjoyed learning who and where my readers were located. I was thrilled to have made some connections with other bloggers because no one can ever have too many friends. I learned many a thing from building the blog in terms of design and content as well.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my blog was filled with large photos which meant that eventually I ran out of storage space. While debating whether to proceed with buying my blogging domain, or upgrades to my existing account, it dawned on me that maybe this was the time to spend some time on (finally!) getting the actual catering business off the ground!

Which brings us to where we are at this very moment. A fresh start with friends, both returning readers and hopefully some new ones too. We want this space to be a fun place to share what's going on in the Be Delicious kitchen but also what's going on with us personally, both in and out of our own kitchens! We want to interact with you and to truly have you as part of the Be Delicious family. Think of this as a chat session with the fam around the kitchen table after a long day! We want to know what you're cooking/baking/making, if you've tried something we've made and how it turned out, and whatever else you'd like to share with us.

This last year has been a very exciting time in the Be Delicious world. The business was registered at the end of last December which really put things into perspective for me. While I continue to plug away at some of the background documentation for the business, registering the company was a HUGE leap that really made things very real. After a few weeks of working with the amazing Louise of The Autumn Rabbit, our logo was born and it couldn't fit the business's personality (or ours!) any better! (Thanks Louise for understanding all of my non-graphic-designer yammering on!!!!!). We have many fun things on the horizon and we can't wait to share them all with you!

Welcome to the Be Delicious Blog (which I'm certain will simply be called the BeDe blog eventually - depending on how late at night your blogger is writing!) We are so happy that you're here to share this adventure with us!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure! We look forward to getting to know all of you!!! 

Happy Cooking!