I'm a little rusty... and nervous... but excited at the same time!

It's been bothering me that I wrote my inaugural blog post months ago and that I haven't written since. There are so many topics that I want to write about and yet I can't decide where to start. I know that many bloggers plan out their posts well in advance and just run on a schedule. Years ago, when writing the Novice Goddess Kitchen Blog, I never really had much of a blogging plan beyond whatever I had recently taken photos of that week or something food related that I had done.

This time 'round, I have decided that perhaps I will take a slightly more planned and strategic approach to my posts on our new blogging home. We want to try and keep content coming to you on a regular basis and are always open to suggestions on topics you'd like to cover. We want you to know what's going on in our own kitchens beyond what goes on in the Be Delicious world.

I'm still trying to pinpoint where my nervousness about blogging is coming from. I think that a lot of it stems from the realization that a lot of people used to read my old content. MANY, MANY more than I had ever anticipated, despite the reader stats that Blogger used to provide. I want to maintain that readership and continue to meet new friends as well. So for now, friends, new and old, I ask you to be patient with the new blog and its content. The posts are definitely on their way, some of which are already drafted.

Ok, enough dilly-dally-ing! We are jumping in head first!!! Blog posts here we come!!! Be sure to check out our Instagram & Facebook pages for tidbits of our journey!

Wish us luck!